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Start your hassle-free process now.

Start your hassle-free process now.

Complete Car Registration & Renewal Services
No Waiting in Long Queues, No Hassle. We Come To You!

We Do It All For You!
  • Car Registration
  • RTA Testing
  • Insurance Arrangement
  • OwnerShip Transfer

You Book an Appoinment, we'll do the rest

Book Appointment

Just book an appointment and we'll take the pain of your vehicle registration renewal for you.

Car Pick-up

Our trusted staff will pick-up the vehicle from your Location. No need to bring your car to our office for car registration renewal.

RTA Car Inspection

Then we’ll take your car to RTA testing point. RTA Testing is necessary to renew your car registration. If you have Traffic fines, we will take care of that.

Insurance Assistance

If you need insurance, we’ll search for best affordable insurance rates and will do the required agreement for you.

Registration Renewal

After RTA Inspection and Insurance, we’ll process for RTA vehicle registration renewal and will get the new registration card and expiry sticker as well.


At last, we’ll drop off your car at your desired location. During the process you can track your car from pick up till drop off. We will ensure your car safety.

About Renew My Car Registration

Renew My Car Registration is Dubai-based service that simplifies the process of renewing your vehicle registration. We cover all the aspects of renewing your car registration for you, including the lenghty RTA testing process, RTA traffic fines & Insurance arrangement. We want to make this a hassle free procedure for our busy customers.

Our Step-By-Step Process

Our Process is simple, efficient & quick:

  • Book an Appointment Online or by Phone.
  • We send our trusted agent to pick your vehicle & renew your vehicle's registration, handle traffic fines, finalize any remaining paper work & obtain new insurance if required.
  • After all is done, we'll return your car along with your new vehicle registration.


Working with us is easy, fast and hassle-free. We'll ensure that you no longer have to go through any stress to renew your car registration in UAE. Our client's testimonials and recommendations show that we are the best at what we do. We're passionate about relieving your stress and making Vehicle registration renewal an easy part of life in Dubai.

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