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Just book an appointment and we'll take the pain of your vehicle registration renewal for you.

Car Pick-up

Our trusted staff will pick-up the vehicle from your Location. No need to bring your car to our office for car registration renewal.

RTA Car Inspection

Then we’ll take your car to RTA testing point. RTA Testing is necessary to renew your car registration. If you have Traffic fines, we will take care of that.

Insurance Assistance

If you need insurance, we’ll search for best affordable insurance rates and will do the required agreement for you.

Vehicle Registration Renewal

After RTA Inspection and Insurance, we’ll process for vehicle registration renewal and will get the new registration card and expiry sticker as well.


At last, we’ll drop off your car at your desired location. During the process you can track your car from pick up till drop off. We will ensure your car safety.

About Renew My Car Registration

Renew My Car Registration is a UAE-based service that simplifies renewing your vehicle registration. We cover all the aspects of renewing your car registration, including the lengthy RTA testing process, RTA traffic fines & Insurance arrangements. We want to make this a hassle-free procedure for our busy customers.

Complete Guide To Car Registration Renewal In UAE

The vehicle registration renewal process in Dubai is slightly different from other emirates as in Dubai, RTA handles the registration and renewal of vehicles. In contrast, MOI and TAMM manage car registration and renewal in all other emirates.

1) Vehicle Testing In Dubai:

RTA inspection is required if your vehicle is more than three years old. RTA staff will test your car for road safety, and you can only proceed with the registration renewal if your automobile passes the mandatory safety test. The test cost is AED 170 for the first attempt and AED 70 for the second attempt.

In All Other Emirates:

The registration renewal process is almost the same, but different authorities do the registration renewal test in all other emirates.

Abu Dhabi:

Adnoc inspection centers do the registration Renewal tests in Abu Dhabi.


Tasjeel and Adnoc vehicle inspection centers handle the safety tests in Sharjah.


In Ajman, Speed and fast testing centers perform the registration renewal tests.


Shamil Fujairah conducts the vehicle registration renewal tests in Fujairah.

Ras Al-Khaimah:

RAK Tasjeel manages the vehicle registration and renewal inspection in Ras Al-Khaimah.

Umm Al Quwain:

Shamil Umm Al Quwain is responsible for performing the UAQ registration renewal tests.

The cost of the registration renewal test in all other emirates except Dubai is AED 150.

2) Insurance:

It is mandatory to have insurance before renewing the vehicle registration. The insurance period in UAE typically consists of thirteen months, but in Dubai, the minimum requirement for insurance is seven months. However, the minimum insurance requirement is twelve months for the vehicles registered in any other emirate. Comprehensive cover and third-party liability (TPL) are insurance options. Comprehensive cover means your car is fully covered even if your fault causes the damage. TPL insurance only covers the other party or property in case of an accident caused by your mistake.

3) Registration Renewal:

Registration Renewal For Dubai Registered Vehicles

We can complete registration renewal on the RTA website, mobile app, or through various smart kiosks installed in rta testing and registration centers. It is a must to pay all the outstanding fines before doing the registration renewal. You can also pay the fines along with the registration renewal fee. The RTA fee for vehicle registration renewal is currently AED 380.

Car Registration Renewal In Other Emirates

We can complete registration renewal for all other emirates on the MOI and TAMM websites or apps. The registration renewal fee charged by MOI and TAMM is AED 365.

What if I live in one Emirate, but my car is registered in another?

You can test your vehicle from any authorized vehicle inspection center in UAE, and once it passes, you can renew your car online through the appropriate platform.

How long does it take to Renew a Vehicle Registration?

Renewing the vehicle registration from pickup to drop-off takes up to two hours. But if the vehicle fails the mandatory test, it can take longer than expected.

What if I have unpayable fines?

It is a must to pay all the fines before renewing the vehicle registration, and we will assist in clearing the unpayable fines.

How do you transfer a vehicle registration if the Buyers and Sellers both are from Abu Dhabi and the vehicle is also registered in Abu Dhabi?

The vehicle needs to be tested by the ADNOC vehicle testing center. Once it passes the safety test, the buyer must take insurance before proceeding with the ownership transfer. The final step is transferring the vehicle ownership, which can be done online on the Tamm app. We provide complete vehicle ownership transfer assistance.

How do you transfer a Dubai-registered vehicle if the buyer and seller are from Dubai?

The vehicle needs to be tested by the RTA vehicle testing center. Once it passes the safety test, the buyer must take insurance before proceeding with the ownership transfer. The final step is transferring the vehicle ownership, for which both buyer and seller must visit any RTA branch in person to complete the transfer transaction.


Working with us is easy, fast, and hassle-free. We'll ensure that you no longer have to go through any stress to renew your car registration in UAE. Our client's testimonials and recommendations show that we are the best at what we do. We're passionate about relieving stress and making Vehicle registration renewal an easy part of life in Dubai.

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